Impact Repository

Impact source codes are kept in Sourceforge SVN (subversion) repository.

This Source Code Management is a tool software developers which supports collaborative development of software within a team, and the tracking of changes to software source code over time.

Subversion is used by developers, and advanced users who need the very latest changes to the software (before releases occur). Software users generally do not need Subversion; typically they will download official file releases made available by the project instead

Though SVN repositories are most commonly accessed using a special piece of software called a SVN client, Sourceforge also provide a web-based interface to view SVN repositories. Browsing the SVN tree gives you a great view into the current status of this project's code. You may also view the complete history of any file in the repository.

Using SVN Client

The most convenient way to access Impact SVN repository and to follow any updates by the developers and to commit changes (if you are the developer and have write access to the repository) is by using SVN client.

There are many free SVN clients available. In Windows system, TortoiseSVN is a friendly environment integrated to explorer. In Ubuntu system, PySVN is available to install from ubuntu software center. For IDE programming, Eclipse and Netbeans support Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

SVN Access

Read-Only Access

Impact in SourceForge SVN repository can be checked out with read-only access. Username and password are not required but no write access is given. The source codes can be obtained using this method.

Users may checkout to the following repository:

or to a specific directory

If you need to know some basic subversion client instructions, you can visit subversion in sourceforge.

Developer Access

If you modify the codes to improve Impact or you have new codes to implement new features, please send them to Impact project administrator to review. When sending (by email) the codes for the first time, your GPL statement (I hereby license my contributions to Impact under the Gnu General Public License version 2 or later) is required. You might be granted a developer access to the repository after reviewing the codes. All developers should register in Sourceforge.

The developer write-read access repository can be seen from the SVN tree (login required). The SVN repository will ask username and password.