Installation GiD to Impact Interface

You have to install GiD first, then GiD to Impact interface can be integrated into your GiD environment.

GiD to Impact interface is an additional module that should be integrated into GiD environment. This module should be placed in a proper location (/problemtypes) of the GiD installation folder. All external GiD interface modules should be saved under problemtypes folder.

The integration process is as simple as copy and paste.

Step 1: Copy from Impact

  • If you have downloaded the latest version of Impact, the GiD to Impact interface module can be found in your Impact folder. Else, download the latest version of Impact then unzip it.
  • Go to unzipped Impact directory and find a folder "interfaces"
  • Copy the folder "impact.gid"

Step 2: Paste into GiD

  • Find the directory where you install GID (In Windows normally under C:/program files) and open the folder.
  • Find a folder "problemtypes"
  • Paste the copied folder "impact.gid" into the folder "problemtypes". Done!

To activate GiD to Impact interface, from GiD menu Data, click Problem types then select Impact.

GiD to Impact Interface

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